Round One

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R1D1July 30, 2012Words from Japanese, A World of Women Writers
R1D2July 31, 2012Multi-named Apostles, Teen Movie Origins
R1D3August 1, 2012For the Birds, Put Them in Phylum
R1D4August 2, 2012Time of Your Life, Dance Crazes
R1D5August 3, 2012International Boundaries & Borders, Going Postal
R1D6August 3, 2012Art? Uh “O”, Small Country Travel & Tourism

Round Two

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R2D1August 6, 2012Fictional Characters Real-life Alma Maters, First Person Narrators
R2D2August 7, 2012That's (Not Very) Cold, "J", Operatic Deaths
R2D3August 8, 2012Crossword Clues? “Ha!”, Seers and Visionaries
R2D4August 9, 2012Made-for-TV Movies, Science? It's All Greek to Me
R2D5August 10, 2012Historical Relics, 80s Billboard Top 5 Animal Songs by Lyric
R2D6August 10, 2012Read, Wight, and Blew, “My” People

Round Three

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R3D1August 13, 2012Cell Biology, Protect Yourself
R3D2August 14, 2012The First President To..., Potent Poet-ables
R3D3August 15, 2012“Make” Me, Shakespearean Title Pairs
R3D4August 16, 2012Reality TV Star Made Good, Piano Sonata Composers
R3D5August 17, 2012Oh #@$&!, Grammy-Winning Rock Bands
R3D6August 17, 2012Terrain, Biblical Plagues & Pestilences

Round Four

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R4D1August 20, 2012KHAN!!!!!!!, Timekeeping Technology
R4D2August 21, 2012Rhyme Prime, Olympic Sports
R4D3August 22, 2012A Morgan Freeman Filmography, Literary Crossovers
R4D4August 23, 2012Look! Up in the Sky!, The Art of War
R4D5August 24, 2012Fractional Knowledge, That Didn't Take Long
R4D6August 27, 2012Not the One in New Jersey, Newspaper History

Round Five

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R5D1August 27, 2012Shake It Up, Ard-hay Ategory-cay
R5D2August 28, 2012Mislabeled Nationalistic Foods, Mathematicians
R5D3August 29, 2012The Confederate Constitution, Produce-ing Movies
R5D4August 30, 2012British Commonwealth & Overseas Territory Capitals, You Are the Category
R5D5August 31, 2012Silent Art & Artists, Annual Events
R5D6August 31, 2012Legends of the Fall, Moons

Round Six

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R6D1September 3, 2012ESPN 30 for 30 Subjects, Making Things
R6D2September 4, 2012Zeus Is My Grandpa, ACE and CableACE Award Winners
R6D3September 5, 2012Nonfiction, Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's Before & After We Go!
R6D4September 6, 2012Parallel Lives, TED Talks
R6D5September 7, 2012Awards & Honors by Country, Whose Ride Is It, Anyway?
R6D6September 7, 2012It's a Gas!, “Pick” Me

Round Seven

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R7D1September 10, 2012Half & Half, Sweet Science
R7D2September 11, 2012Fictional Sports & Games, Films of the 60's
R7D3September 12, 2012The FIFA Confederation's Largest National Capital, Almost Homographs
R7D4September 17, 2012That Championship Season, Talking About Pictures
R7D5September 18, 2012Children's Literature, You Asked for It
R7D6September 19, 2012Historic Castles & Palaces, Mind Your Z's & Q's

Tournament of Champions

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
TOCD1September 21, 2012The Modern Pentathlon, Sort Of, Revolutionary Movements
TOCD2September 24, 2012Cartoons by Voice Cast, Under the Sea