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IDCategory name
1Words from Japanese
2A World of Women Writers
3Multi-named Apostles
4Teen Movie Origins
5For the Birds
6Put Them in Phylum
7Time of Your Life
8Dance Crazes
9International Boundaries & Borders
10Going Postal
11Art? Uh “O”
12Small Country Travel & Tourism
13Fictional Characters Real-life Alma Maters
14First Person Narrators
15That's (Not Very) Cold, "J"
16Operatic Deaths
17Crossword Clues? “Ha!”
18Seers and Visionaries
19Made-for-TV Movies
20Science? It's All Greek to Me
21Historical Relics
2280s Billboard Top 5 Animal Songs by Lyric
23Read, Wight, and Blew
24“My” People
25Cell Biology
26Protect Yourself
27The First President To...
28Potent Poet-ables
29“Make” Me
30Shakespearean Title Pairs
31Reality TV Star Made Good
32Piano Sonata Composers
33Oh #@$&!
34Grammy-Winning Rock Bands
36Biblical Plagues & Pestilences
38Timekeeping Technology
39Rhyme Prime
40Olympic Sports
41A Morgan Freeman Filmography
42Literary Crossovers
43Look! Up in the Sky!
44The Art of War
45Fractional Knowledge
46That Didn't Take Long
47Not the One in New Jersey
48Newspaper History
49Shake It Up
50Ard-hay Ategory-cay
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